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2023 Application Deadline is June 1, 2023.


Each year aspiring students, talented directors and budding cinematographers, who reside in the Huntsville and Lake of Bays area have the opportunity to apply for financial support through Reel Alternatives. Although there are no set funding amounts, Reel has historically supported people based on need, the project they have proposed and, in the case of students, the pursuit of a post secondary education through scholarship. Past recipients have attended some of the best film and media study programs in the Province.

Others, both graduate students and mature film devotees, have gained support from Reel Alternatives to create short film documentaries and feature length promotional films. Scholarship Applications are available in late April and are available from the Huntsville High School or online through the Reel Alternative's website.

Project driven funding requests can be sent throughout the year by emailing Reel Alternatives Huntsville  (

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